chrisopher e. long

Loki & Heimdall Cover Art

The last two story books that I authored for Magic Wagon’s Short Tales line focus on the characters of Norse Myth: Loki and Heimdall. They’re available for pre-order now on Amazon for a September release. These books were fun to write. They required a bit of research as I’m not […]

GRUNTS Comin’ at ya!

Woo-hoo. The GRUNTS: WAR STORIES trade paperback is coming from Arcana this April. It’s a collection of short stories based on Shannon Eric Denton & Keith Giffen’s squad of resourceful U.S. Amry guys who encounter strange things on the World War II battlefield. I’m psyched because I’ve got a short […]

Tales from a Forgotten Planet #2

[singlepic id=27 w=200 h=300 float=left]Publisher: Narwain (defunct) Publication Date: June 14, 2006 Rob’s Credit: Story “Crunch Time” Written by… Other Credits: “Crunch Time” Artwork by Andy Kuhn. Other anthology entries – Shannon Eric Denton, Christopher E. Long, Tomas Moron, Jesus Barony. Synopsis: A giant creature crash lands on Times Square […]