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Ape Entertainment Announces KIZOIC Line

Hmmmm…this is interesting news.  But what does it have to do with me? Stay tuned… SAN DIEGO, CA – September 28, 2009 – Ape Entertainment today announced the launch of its new imprint, “KiZoic”, which will feature content aimed primarily at younger readers. KiZoic titles will be released as either […]

‘Sgt. Rock’ looks AMAZING

I ran into my pal Billy Tucci at a number of conventions this summer. He was showing of pages of his new ‘Sgt. Rock‘ book. I have to say they look Amazing (with a capital ‘A’) and unlike anything I’ve ever seen Billy do before. Billy’s got a deep, abiding […]

A perfect ’10’

Getting caught up on summer reading here. My pal and “Young Ancient One” collaborator Andy Kuhn doodled up a cool crime thriller called “10”, published by the unsinkable Boom Studios this past summer. Written by Keith Giffen and co-created by Shannon Eric Denton, “10” tells the story of a hapless […]

Free Comic Book Day

I’ll be doing a store appearance on Free Comic Book Day this year. I’ll be sitting down and making a general nusance of myself at Comics & More in Madison Heights, MI from noon to 2pm (or longer). If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and say “hey”. Free Comic […]

Tucci vs The Flesh-Eating Dead!

It’s true. Billy Tucci has an abiding fear of Zombies and is a survivalist nut stockpiling for the inevitable attack of reanimated corpses: “ Every time I visit someone I check to see (and inform them) if their home is zombie-proof or not. Then I go about figuring out an […]

Halloween in September

I didn’t realize it was coming out this week but I’m sure glad I pre-ordered. Ben Roman and Keith Giffen’s “I Luv Halloween” is out from TOKYOPOP this week. It’s a fun book laced with evil bits of macabre humor about some disturbing little children for whom every day is […]

Blah blah blah

I got my name in Razor Magazine this month. They have a nice profile on Stan Lee and his contributions to modern culture. I managed to lend a comment that was quote-worthy. Other commentary came from Michael Chabon, so I was in good company. I guess the Pulitzer is on […]

Halloween Comics

Around this time last year I had a letter published in Comics Buyers’ Guide discussing my annual tradition of giving away comics on Halloween. The letter encouraged publishers to support this activity by producing low-cost comics in October that people like me could pick up cheap and distribute to impressionable […]