The Legend of TigerFist: Enter the Tiger

Publisher: Actionopolis Publication Date: April 15, 2011 Rob’s Credit: Author Other Credits: Cover art by Michael Geiger Synopsis: Young street tough Conner Mack must take on the mantle of an ancient hero despite his wishes. In doing so, he’ll inspire his city’s gangs of lost children as he attempts to defeat the supernatural […]

The Legend of TigerFist: Enter the Tiger - cover art by Michael Geiger

Tigerfist Feature Slide

Actionopolis is Back!

[singlepic id=186 w=320 h=240 float=right]This has been ramping up all summer, but the announcement officially came down today: Actionopolis is back! Actionopolis is the book like featuring high-octane, high-adventure prose fiction by a myriad of talented writers from comics, film, video games and the like. The company initially published seven […]

TigerFist by Rafael Albuquerque

I’ve had a lot to say recently about my Actionopolis book “Heir to Fire“, which is coming out in August. My other Actionopolis book, “The Legend of TigerFist” is also moving forward fast. We have been out talking to artists for the past few months and recently signed on a […]

Clearing away the Jungle

Codename: Jungle should be revealed in the next week or two. We have an illustrator committed to doing the book. I’ve been a big fan of his for years, but only just talked to him for the first time on Friday. In the past week he’s worked up a jaw-dropping […]

Oh those pesky rewrites

“Codename: Jungle” went through an intensive second draft in the past week. It was one of those painful situations where the publisher threw a major curveball my way and asked for changes that sort of flew in the face of the six months of groundwork. There was much arguing followed […]

Jungle love

I wrapped up the first draft of “Codename: Jungle” on Friday. “Jungle” is a young readers’ chapter book. What I’ve finished is actually the first draft of the first volume (of five) that will make up the entire novel. It’s definitely been a challenging run. I spent months working out […]

Finding the hero in the Jungle

There are few things more painful to a writer or his characters than to struggle through a manuscript, pushing and prodding said characters through paces when they clearly don?t feel like cooperating. Writers often talk about meeting their characters and letting the story go where they take it. It sometimes […]