The Revenant

Back in Print: THE REVENANT

In spite of my recent foray into kids comics, the thing I wrote just before Scratch9 was an on over-the-top pulp-style crime book filled with splatter violence and mean-spirited humor called The Revenant. I had so much fun writing it, it stands as one of my favorite works after my […]

The Revenant cover art by Mateus Santolouco


Welcome interweb travelers who have arrived at looking for info about D. Kerry Prior’s new movie ‘The Revenant‘ or its sequel. You were probably directed here by Google or some such because this site is positively overflowing with keyword references to “The Revenant”. [singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 float=right]Well, you’ve […]

Publisher’s Weekly previews THE REVENANT

Nice! My new book, The Revenant is previewed on the prestigious Publisher’s Weekly site today. Check out six pages that you haven’t seen before. These pages follow the fifteen that MySpace posted last month. The Revenant arrives in comic shops next Wednesday. Ask your local retailer! ORDER IT TODAY: JUL08 […]

Comics Waiting Room digs THE REVENANT

‘The Revenant‘ got some great press from Comics Waiting Room this week: “THE REVENANT is a darkly humorous and thrilling tale that consistently keeps the reader laughing, guessing and horrified at nearly every turn. This books manages to blend the classic ghost-takes-revenge story idea, a whodunnit mystery and plenty of […]

‘The Revenant’ is coming

Alert your local retailer! My new graphic novel ‘The Revenant‘ is in the latest Diamond Catalog (JUL08 3913). This is the graphic novel from Desperado Publishing. The bad men of Sapphire City have forgotten what it means to be afraid, rising to power by ruthlessly cutting down the innocent. Now, […]

‘Revenant’ clippings

Last week I chatted with Pulse about ‘The Revenant‘. Give it a look for five pages of preview art and find out why there is now a bounty on Keith Giffen and Shannon Denton‘s heads. A big thanks, to “Mad Pulp Bastard” Bill Cunningham whose Pulp 2.0 blog introduced […]

Podcast: Indie Comics Network

Miguel Rodrigues over at Indie Comics Network interviewed me in December about ‘The Revenant’, Comics2Film, my secret origin, writing for all ages and more! Give it a listen! You’ll also find recent interviews there with collaborators Shannon Eric Denton and Mike Dubisch IN THREE PARTS

The Revenant Strikes! Grunts Attack!

Time for some shameless self-promotion, dear readers. Please go gather up your Diamond Comics Catalog. The one you picked up on Friday, when the new comics blew into town. Go ahead…I’ll wait. … Very good, then. Flip to Page 147 and you’ll see my new comic book, available for pre-order […]

The Revenant is coming for YOU

If you were in comic shops today and saw GRAVESLINGER on the shelf, I hope you took a moment to flip through it. Firstly because it’s my good buddy Shannon Denton‘s book. More importantly, because my name is on the back cover. It’s the ad for THE REVENANT coming March […]