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Advent #5 shipping 2

Click for larger image According to Diamond Comics shipping list, “Advent Rising: Rock the Planet” #5 limps into stores today after many months of delays. This issue caps off the mini-series and concludes the “Rock the Planet” storyline.

I hear a fat lady… 1

Click for larger image The word from 360ep is that Advent Rising #5 has shipped from the printer and is on the way to the distributor. I don’t know what that means for a release date exactly. Just that it’s a strong indicator the the book will be release (for […]

‘Advent’ rises again

Here’s some news I came across while we’re waiting for that last issue of ‘Advent Rising: Rock the Planet’ to come out. Majesco is once again selling ‘Advent: Rising’…this time through the Steam broadband gaming thingamabob. Is there still some life in the Advent franchise?

No ‘Advent’ for you!

Click for larger image Well, according to Diamond’s shipping list, the long-delayed “Advent Rising: Rock the Planet” #5 will not ship this week, the final week of September. I did talk to Jemas just last week though and, through his chagrin, he assured me that the book is coming out…so […]

Advent is here!

I got my comp copies of “Advent Rising Rock the Planet #4” in the mail today. Yay! But two of the pages are printed out of order. Boo! So, when you’re reading through, keep an eye out for the “Flotsam & Jetsam” ad. When you see it, skip ahead two […]

Advent Rising #4 Cover Art

Production problems seem to have knocked “Advent” into a six-eight week distribution orbit. Issue #4 looks to be headed for stores later this month. In the mean time, click the image at left for a look at the cover by Cliff Richards, Denis Crisotomo and Cris De Lara.

‘Advent’ #3…Finally! 1

Issue #3 of ‘Advent Rising: Rock the Planet’ finally goes on sale next Wednesday, February 8. Things go south for Gideon as he finds himself ostracized from his friends. Meanwhile Ethan takes Squad Blue up to the space station with disastrous results. Bug your retailer for it!

PopMatters takes a look at ‘Advent’

There’s a review of ‘Advent’ that I previously overlooked at PopMatters. The reviewer is sort of luke warm on the book, disliking the sci fi elements (“Not very original”) and the decompressed storytelling, but enjoying the character driven elements (“characters are written with spirit and drawn with a rough realism”). […]


I’ve got a table at the inaugural SNAP! small press show this weekend. The first annual SNAP! Comics Art Festival takes place on Saturday, October 29th from 11am to 6pm in Dearborn, Michigan. Click for details! It’ll also be my first-ever convention appearance as a guest. I’ll have copies of […]

Advent Trilogy Blog likes the comic

The comic got some kind notices from the Advent Trilogy Bloggers: “Overall, if you are a fan of Advent Rising and want some extra background on each character, and want to see the characters from game interact in their younger years then you will definitely like this comic. Nice job […]

Countdown to Advent 2

It’s just seven days until “Advent Rising: Rock The Planet” makes its way into comic book stores everywhere! I’m psyched. For anyone in the Detroit area, I’ll be doing a signing on launch day. Wednesday, October 26th I’ll hanging out at Comics & More in Madison Heights from about 5pm […]

ComiXFan takes a look at ‘Advent’

“The comic is actually quite different from the game in both tone and story. We’re backing up ten years from the start of the game, to a point where Gideon and Ethan are teenagers. They’ve just moved from Edumea the sister planet of Artemus on family business. They’re struggling to […]

More on the double-size debut of ‘Advent’

Diamond Scoop covers the ‘Advent Rising’ comic’s shift to a double-sized first issue with some commentary from your’s truly and also from Mr. Bill Jemas. Says Bill, “Based on the advice of retailers (and our account people at Diamond), 360 had already had a retailer promotion in place, but we […]