Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails – Back in Print!

Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails - Cover art by Jason T. Kruse and Joshua Buchanan

Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails – Cover art by Jason T. Kruse and Joshua Buchanan

It’s back, because YOU demanded it!

Robot Monkey Worx has released the special collected edition of “Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails” as both a paperback and digital edition.

The new collection includes the original, Eisner-nominated graphic novel “Scratch9: The Pet Project” along with 2013’s hit anthology “Scratch9: Cat Tails.”

This edition includes over 140 pages of story written by series creator Rob M. Worley with artwork by Jason T. Kruse, Joshua Buchanan, Armand Villavert Jr, Mike Kunkel, Chris Houghton, Caanan Grall, Shannon Eric Denton, John Martin, Joe Foo, Justin Castaneda and Mike Roll. With a commitment to getting this book into the hands of young readers everywhere, Robot Monkey Worx has priced this must-have volume at just $15.99 for the print edition, and $9.99 for the Amazon Kindle edition.

 Scratch9 features a mischievous house cat who gains the ability to summon any of his nine lives, past and future, to aid him in rescuing animals from the Dr. Schrodinger of the C.R.U.E.L. corporation. The original series was named one of the best of 2010 by School Library Journal and praised by critics as a great “read-together” story for parents to enjoy with their children. Here’s what the critics have been saying:
  • “…adorable, funny and surprisingly smart.“ – Kelly Thompson, Comics Book Resources
  • “…it’s super cute and has a great message.” – Comicbookgirl19
  • “The first time I got Scratch9, I loved it!” – Gabriella, Age 7
As with all Scratch9 books, Worley will donate five percent of the profits from the sale of the hardcover to animal welfare organizations such as the ASPCA, Guardians For Animals in Michigan and in California, through the recently-established SWAH Fund.
“Scratch9: The PetProject& Cat Tails” is available at book stores and comic shops everywhere. Retailers can order it through Ingram Advance catalogs.