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Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails – Back in Print!

It’s back, because YOU demanded it! Robot Monkey Worx has released the special collected edition of “Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails” as both a paperback and digital edition. The new collection includes the original, Eisner-nominated graphic novel “Scratch9: The Pet Project” along with 2013’s hit anthology “Scratch9: Cat […]

Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails - Cover art by Jason T. Kruse and Joshua Buchanan

Scratch9: The Pet Project & Cat Tails

Publisher: Robot Monkey Worx Publication Date: September 16, 2016 Rob’s Credit: Creator, Writer, additional Other Credits: Jason T. Kruse (cover art, “The Pet Project” artwork, “How to Draw Scratch” feature), Joshua Buchanan (cover art, “Cat Tails” artwork and color), Mike Kunkel (additional art), Shannon Eric Denton (“The Pet Project” special thanks, “D’Argent in […]

Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds TPB

Publisher: Hermes Press Publication Date: June 2, 2015 (estimated) Rob’s Credit: Created, written and lettered by Other Credits: Illustrated by Joshua Buchanan, Colors by Digikore Studios, Cover art by Joshua Buchanan, Foreword by Mike Kunkel, Additional art by Kevin Eastman, Mike Kunkel, Jay Fosgitt, Jenny Parks, Francesco Francavilla, Rafael Albuquerque […]

Scratch9: Cat of 9 Worlds cover by Joshua Buchanan

Airwolf Airstrikes TPB Vol 1

In Stores: “Airwolf: Airstrikes”

IDW Publishing and Lion Forge Comics puts an all-new spin on the 80s classic TV series with “Airwolf: Airstrikes“. Featuring stories by Rob M. Worley, Mike Baron, Barbara Randall Kesel and many others, this original graphic novel anthology is packed with high-flying action. Get it now from! Synopsis: Hawke, Santini, and the […]