Damn You, Pedro! 1

Shhhh...the Pedro Font is COOPER BLACKHmmmm…it appears that my Say No to Pedro post has backfired on me.

Overnight, “Vote for Pedro” is now he #1 search term bringing people to Thanator. Specifically, it’s the elusive “Vote For Pedro” font that has piqued the interest of so many web surfers.

This shall not stand! I demand…demand people stop coming here searching for the “Vote for Pedro” font! I shall never reveal yon Pedro Font unto thee!

You will pay for this, Pedro.

Oh yes…


One thought on “Damn You, Pedro!

  • CrayolaPotts

    i voted for that guy. got the t-shirt and everything. All iv got to say is its a waste of fuckin time. he did nothing he promised and im pretty sure he’s Mexican. the only reason he won that stupid election was because his mate did a stupid dance… what sort of a hierarchy is decided on who dances the best? A stupid one, GOSH. Those guys are frikin IDIOTS. If the Robster doesn’t get them then i certainly will. Crayola out.

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